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School reconstruction

A project from Deutsch-Honduranische Gesellschaft e.V.
in Urraco, Honduras

Following the devastating hurricanes in 2019 we are renovating schools and kindergardens in the area of Urraco Pueblo which was hit especially hard. Help us help the children!

M. Poschmann
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About this project

At the moment there are two catastrophes raging in Honduras: the Corona pandemic and the hurricanes Eta and Iota. The poorest of the poor are hit the most by this.

The hurricanes of November 2019 have aggravated the difficult situation in Honduras. Millions of people in Central America have lost their home. The bad infrastructure in Honduras has been worsened even further and there is no governmental help managing these problems.
The region of Urraco Pueblo in Yoro has been hit especially hard by the hurricanes. In most areas the water reached to the cealing. Here we are renovating and rebuilding 12 schools and kindergardens. Hopefully the children can come back to school in January - after two years of basically having no classes at all. In many cases the buildings have to be refurbished from their core since they have been ruined by the floodings or by landslides. Almost nowhere basic material like desks, chairs, blackboards, and books do not exists.

The pandemic is not only cutting into our lives in Germany. In Honduras its consequences are more extreme. Many people have lost their jobs and with that the basis to provide for their families. Therefore, it is impossible for most to make even the smallest investments for example in school books for their kids.

The Deutsch-Honduranische Gesellschaft is a German NGO since 2000. It was founded with the goal to improve the social and economic circumstances in Honduras.

Our members all work on a voluntary basis and all donations go directly into our projects in Honduras!
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