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Never touched a mouse before - Computers for Schools in Ghana

A project from You4Ghana e.V.
in Oworobong, Ghana

You can help bring PCs to schools in remote villages in Ghana. This should enable the children there to learn how to use the computer - a right to education in the modern world!

Jana Breuer
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About this project

Especially in our networked modern world, it is sometimes difficult to believe that there are actually still people who have never googled anything and have never forgotten their password. Computer keyboard and mouse are only known from stories.

Nowadays, progress and digitization cannot be separated, just like education and standard of living. The teachers on site also know this and do their best to prepare the students for the future. But where there is no computer, you can only tell about it. It's like learning to drive without a car.
Therefore it is my mission to equip schools in the most remote places with computers for the students.

How exactly? The organization and implementation of the project runs with and via the You4Ghana e.V. association. Every cent donated goes to the computers. Good used computers are available in Ghana for around 250 € (1700 GHC). At the moment, we are in contact with the teachers of three schools (see below, the list could be extended quickly). Three computers might be a good start for any school.

How do I get there? I (Jana, prospective teacher in Germany) was in Ghana for a few months this year for volunteering at a school. Through a similar fundraising campaign, I saw how much can be achieved with comparatively few funds. As you can see in the pictures, I have already donated computers to a remote school. Since this was highly welcome by teachers and students, I would like to reach more schools with your help.

In Summary: Local, targeted and transparent support in school education!

1: Oworobong Atifi D/A Primary School 
"We are a school with 1 building and with 6 classrooms. We have not enough furniture so some kids used to sit on the floor, some kids perch like 3 or 4 on one desk to read and write. We has a number of 200 kids and 6 teachers. Our school is located in a small village where farming is the main occupation. I am Omari Sasu and on behalf of my colleaques, the school and the community will be glad if you can come to our aid. Hope our request would be accepted granted in good faith. THANK YOU!" 

2: Hyewohoden D/A Basic School 
“We are a school with 6 classrooms block but due to one thunder storm the classroom is with no roof. We have a number of 250 kids which is been handled by 5 teachers. Our school is located in a village close to a lake so fishing is the main occupation. The school has inadequate resource in terms of infrastructure which makes teaching and learning more difficult. Me (Ofosu Attah Daniel), the school, the community and the kids will be very happy if you can support us." 

3: Oworobong-Odumase D/A Primary School
(information & pictures will be there soon) 

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