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A new village for the Senga pygmies

A project from Projekt Tandandale
in Tandandale, Congo (Democratic Republic)

The pygmees from Tandandale have been driven from their village. They have no place to go. They have the chance to buy a hill for their own, but cannot afford the money

Horst Schulze
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About this project

I received a cry for help from the DR Congo:

        I am Ms. KISUBA MASITI.
Oh my god, what do we have to endure in the village of Senga at this time.  I never thought that the war would come to our small, peaceful village to drive us away.

I was born here in Senga 42 years ago.  I grew up here, I married Mangusa Mauo and my 6 children grew up here too. We are wambuti pygmies and we live peacefully with the great peoples.
That morning everything was peaceful in our village. I had cleaned my house that we built here.
Everyone was calm.

Suddenly 12 soldiers came into our village. They went into every house to throw our goods outside: clothes, kitchen utensils, etc. Then they lock our houses.
(Forty years ago, a man named Pilipili gave Senga Hill to the pygmies so that they could live there. After his death, his son Roger tried again and again to drive away the pygmies. Now he was successful.))
Now we are outside for the second week, in front of our houses. We hardly eat, the food is prepared outside because we have to live in our covered cooking areas. When the wind goes by, the dust penetrates the food. When the rain falls, the fire is extinguished immediately. If the food has not been cooked, we go to sleep without eating.
And at night the children cry from the cold. It's a miserable life, but what can we do?
Our grandparents said, that in former times our people lived in the forest without houses. We appreciate a permanent building.
     But now? If I store the supplies for my children and my husband, the goats will also benefit from the opportunity to eat it, because I have no more space to store them. All clothes and our documents are wet from the rain.

       Our friends, we ask for your help, we want to have our own hill where there will be no more conflict and houses to live in. We want to live in peace. We can buy this hill: New Senga

Price estimation from December 21, 2021

for the hill $ 7,000
for registration, travel expenses, attorney, administration, architect and contingency $ 2,400
Building a house $ 1900
20 houses $ 1900 each
10 smallhouses 800$ each