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Support our online language school for au pairs from Latin America!

A project from HYPAG gGMBH
in Hamburg, Germany

Support young au pairs from Latin America so that these people can fulfill their wish to learn the German language! With every 50 EUR that we receive as a donation, you enable an AuPair to have one month of language lessons

Jakub Gralinski
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About this project

Every year there are around 3000 au pairs from Latin America in Germany. Many of these young people only want to use this year to have a unique experience and to improve their German level. But most of them would like to have a future in Germany after the au pair year. To do this, they need sufficient knowledge of German that will enable them to apply for a voluntary service or even an apprenticeship. Financially, these young people have only limited resources at their disposal. The host families subsidize German courses, but the costs are usually much higher. So only a few can attend enough courses to reach the necessary level after one year. Hypag helps these young people by co-financing German courses so that every au pair has the opportunity to study the German language as intensively as possible.