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Greening of the shelter Verlorenwasser

A project from Tierschutzverein Bad Belzig und Umgebung e.V.
in Bad Belzig, Germany

Help us to actively promote climate protection and create habitat for wild animals by greening the huge areas in our forest shelter Verlorenwasser in an ecologically sensible way.

W. Aland
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About this project

Due to climate change, it has become extremely dry in our forest shelter Verlorenwasser in recent years. 
The pines just tip over. After a storm, our entire area is affected and due to the fallen trees it is hardly accessible. 

In some places where meter-high grass used to grow, the forest floor is now poorly green or partly just dust. We try to counteract this by working the soil, sowing plants for green manure and planting new shrubs and trees. 

So far we have borrowed tillers, chainsaws, etc. for this. But that will be way too expensive. We therefore want to purchase high-performance equipment on a permanent basis. 

Individual plants have already been donated to us. But for our huge site that was just a drop in the ocean. We need at least 1,400 hedge bushes / bird protection trees for greening. In a cheap tree nursery, we get them at a reduced price - but still a lot comes together overall. 

We don't want just talk about climate protection, but act actively. 

Please support us in making our landscape more healthy and at the same time creating a habitat for many wild animals.