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10.000€ for the future!

A project from Gemeinsam für Berlin e.V.
in Berlinlin, Germany

Corona? Was hard! Nevertheless: GfB was incredibly lively! We were able to implement so much. And so many people supported us! Nevertheless, a look at our account shows: We are missing 10.000€. Will you help us to stay alive in 2022?

Tobias S.
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About this project

What kind of year was that???
Despite everything, "Gemeinsam für Berlin" alive!

> our many forums have survived & continued to develop - thanks to outstanding volunteer efforts!
> we boldly planned our city conference "TRANSFORUM" and actually carried it out.
> a new network for young adults could be founded.
> we were able to hire two new staff members through personal donor circles and much, much more!

But the need in Berlin remains great and so we want to courageously continue to invest in the city!
We want to strengthen the work to migration communities & especially in the area of youth work and release talented people for it.

But a look at the account shows that we are missing 10.000€ at the end of the year to be able to finance our work this year and to start stable into the new year.

Will you help us to make Gemeinsam für Berlin sustainable?

We would be VERY happy!
Tobi Schöll and the whole board!