Blocked Help for the most vulnerable animals in Serbia

An aid project by “P.A.W.S.” (A. Sreiber) in Belgrade, Serbia

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A. Sreiber (Project Manager)

A. Sreiber
Formerly known as “Financial support for the most vulnerable cats & dogs in Serbia” P.A.W.S. (Pets Are Worth Saving) is a non-governmental organization – Society for the protection of Animals which operates since June 2012 but it is officially registered in November 2012.

Place: Subotica, Serbia
PIB: 107868682
Registration No.: 28099428
Fb Page:

We are focused on providing the street animals basic help in form of food, shelter and vet care (spaying and vaccines). Please check out our blog to learn more about the stray animals’ situation in Serbia:

Our main goal is to spay/neuter as many animals as we can, as well to help those who need veterinarian care. We need food, medicament, blankets, collars, toys, material for building dog houses - anything can help us!! It’s too many of them that we can't help without your help!

We have our mayor project for the Serbian animals in need:

FB page:

Donation page:

Donation project for our dogs in boarding house:

Currently we support people from different cities of Serbia (Novi Sad, Nis…). The projects we manage for them are:

- Small shelter in Nis
Donation page:
FB page:

- Help for Marijana Culum's stray dogs
Donation page:
Marijana’s photo albums:

Please read the blogs, check out the photographs, like our pages, share our stories and donate if you can. Any amount counts. In case you want to send a package gift to Sladja (Small Shelter in Nis), Marijana Culum or to our organization P.A.W.S. we will contact you via private message to send you their/our address.

Each project accepts paypal and credit card, but in case you want to donate directly to our organization bank instructions are:

Pets Are Worth Saving
Zmaj Jovina 9
24000 Subotica
IBAN: RS35220403050000027033

Thank you for everything in advance!!!

P.A.W.S. team

More information:

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

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  • Uploaded at 02-11-2013

  • How we helped over the past 6 months :)

    Uploaded at 11-07-2013

  • Uploaded at 29-04-2013

  • Nera's demodex stroke hard this time :(

    Uploaded at 29-04-2013

  • Surprise food package for Wali's animals :)

    Uploaded at 18-03-2013

  • Uploaded at 20-01-2013

  • Kali's finances are taken over by a woman who fell in love with this dog <3

    Uploaded at 20-01-2013

  • Kali is still in the boarding house but a kind woman took upon herself to pay for expenses until she is there!! <3

    Uploaded at 18-01-2013

  • Tara is doing well. She needs to be spayed but her leg doesn't need surgery as it was first thought. Her boarding house became her forever home.

    Uploaded at 18-01-2013

  • Nera is still under therapy against demodex.

    Uploaded at 18-01-2013

  • Tupa is doing well, but still in the boarding house looking for a home.

    Uploaded at 18-01-2013

  • Glisha who is recovering in the foster home with a woman who saved him :)

    Uploaded at 18-01-2013

  • Package being received and checked by Wali's animals :)

    Uploaded at 18-01-2013

  • Glisha is a hunting dog found lying on the grass, being hit by a car...

    Uploaded at 07-12-2012

  • Tara, 3 legged stray dog needing urgent vet care and a boarding house

    Uploaded at 28-11-2012

  • Tupa & Nera.. two dogs with demodex :( More about them in the blog :)

    Uploaded at 25-11-2012

  • Mother dog Kali... expenses for her are 50Euros + food for the boarding house.

    Uploaded at 25-11-2012

  • Uploaded at 25-11-2012

  • ...

    Uploaded at 25-11-2012