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Realizing Education fit for the Future

A project from Selbstbestimmt Studieren e.V.
in Gersfeld, Germany

What skills are needed to take responsibility in society and contribute to sustainable change? Support the students of the education initiative “Selbstbestimmt Studieren e.V.” (autonomous studying)

Antonia M. Leutloff
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About this project

Realizing Education fit for the Future Supporting the students of "Selbstbestimmt Studieren e.V."

Education should be available boundless and for everybody!

Hello, we're happy to have you here. 

As students of a free education initiative we are not eligible for public sponsoring like BaföG yet.
Thus the financial burden for students can be very high: Apart from tuition fees there are expenses for traveling to seminars and food during the seminar.

That's why we have developed a "Solidary Scholarship model" to allow everyone in our initiative a study free of financial worries.

For the current winter semester we were able to pay monthly assistance between 30€ and 100€ to some students. During the allocation process we try to have an open and trustful conversation about money to reach a transparent and fair distribution of the available means.
Currently we are collecting donations for the coming summer semseter, so we are able to continue this program. Our goal is to distribute 800€ a month.

Who are "Selbstbestimmt studieren e.V."?

We are a group of 25 young people trying out a way of studying autonomously and fit for the future. As education initiative we ask how we can realize autonomous education in a collegiate context. We have founded our own academic course (Certificate at BA level).
In our studies we seek to combine Philosophy with questions of social development and education in community.

If you want to gift your donation to someone for Christmas, just write us the name of the person receiving the gift, your name, the amount donated and optionally a personal message at simon.schill[at]
We will generate a nice card for you.

On behalf of all we want to thank you a lot for your support.

No matter the amount, every donation helps!

If you currently are not able to donate but still want to support us: Please share this campaign with friends and family! :)

More information on the project:

To learn more about the project and the people, have a look at our website:

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