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Window of Life Babies Home

A project from Window of Life e.V.
in Masindi, Uganda

The Window of Life Babies Home is a children's home for abandoned or orphaned children from the Masindi district (Uganda). It is also a contact point for families, single parents and children with questions about health, education and upbringing.

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About this project

In the East African country of Uganda, there are approximately three million abandoned or orphaned children. The state offers few well-supported children's homes or support for single parents. Private facilities are also rare, and many children are forced to live on the streets, unable to attend school, and thus remain trapped in the spiral of poverty. More than 60 out of every 1,000 newborn children die in their first year of life. Maria Ndibwagana is an Ugandan social worker and knows the problem very well. Her lifelong dream has always been to improve the situation and give orphaned children a home.

In 2011, her dream came true.

With the support of Marta Majewska, a Polish woman who worked in Uganda, the Window of Life Babies Home (WOLBH) was established in Masindi district.

Over 20 children of all ages live in the Babies Home. We like to say, "We may be a small project, but we are a big family!".

In addition to the children, others live and work in our home: Maria, of course, as the founder and director of the Ugandan organization, the "Aunties" Sunny, Hope, Goretti and Ewas. They mainly take care of the children and the daily activities. In addition, there are a Social Worker and our Security Guards who watch over our children and the house at night. Not to forget our small farm: our dogs, a calf, some chickens and now and then some goats.