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Funded Help Ubav to be able to see again.

A project from Daisy Family Reschue e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Having already survived the loss of his left eye, a car accident and parasitic infestations, Ubav now has cataracts making it difficult to see out of his only eye. An operation is urgently needed.

Louisa Knop
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About this project

Our Ubav has such an amazing soul and such a strong will to live. Yet he has already been through a lot. We will never know if he was abandoned by someone or born on the streets. He was always perceived as a friendly dog who experienced little love and always ran after the people who paid attention to him, hoping that they would become his family.... Ubav always wanted to feel secure, however so much had to happen until his dream would finally come true.... He was caught by the killing station in Skopje and fortunately he was released. Some time later we received an urgent call: Ubav was hit by a car. We rushed out and found him sleeping under a bridge, where he was living in an improvised house of a homeless person. We immediately brought him into the hands of our veterinarian.

Unfortunately, it turned out that in addition to various broken bones, the infestation of several parasites could be seen and his eye, which was very swollen and had no vision, had to be removed urgently. 
After we could fight the parasites and also the fractures had healed, his eye was removed.

Ubav is now in a foster home in Berlin and feels more secure than ever before in his life. Every person who meets him praises him in high tones and is speechless by his lovely and friendly nature. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that something was wrong with his remaining eye and an appointment with an ophthalmologist was quickly made.
Poor Ubav has cataracts. 
The eye has a visual acuity of only 30%, so he orientates himself with the help of shadows during the day and is blind from dusk on, according to the expert's diagnosis. 

The operation is a standard cataract removal procedure and the cost, including medication and post-operative check-ups for up to six weeks after the procedure, is 1,850.00€.

Ubav deserves to experience the great life that is ahead of him in full focus.
Every small donation will help Ubav to be happy. Every euro you could spend would help him to be one step closer to his happiness, every word you would spread for donations would help him to be able to see again soon. 

We hope that soon we can show you a happy Ubav, who can enjoy all the new things in life.