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Extension of #hikeforpoor2 drinking water pipeline in Kayonza district.

A project from PoorPoor Foundation e.V.
in nyagatovu, Rwanda

Extension of the #hikeforpoorpoor2 drinking water pipeline for the poorest of the poor in the region of Kayonza | HELP FOR THE UNSEEN - BE PART OF IT!

Stefanie Zumbruch
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About this project

Rwanda is also called the land of a thousand hills. But as beautiful as the landscape is, the situation is dramatic for the very poor suburbs and slums of Rwanda. Outside the capital, drinking water pipes are almost non-existent and public water dispensing points are usually miles away. This means that the very poor regions of the country are cut off from the water supply. Children and the oldest of the families are sent to fetch water every day. The effect is that children do not go to school regularly, the oldest can hardly carry the load of the 20 liter canisters over the long distances, and as a result contaminated water from the region is often drunk. And the result is that these people are permanently ill. 
In the district of Kayonza, this situation has changed. Made possible by a large donation from #hikeforpoorpoor, we were able to have the first "big waterpipe" laid in February 2021. The trench for the pipes of the last 1,000 meters was dug by the village community itself. With joy and pride they are part of the development, which many villagers still consider a miracle.
However, since this region is very populous, we want to extend this water pipeline and install a second water dispensing point. This is because more than 500,000 liters of water have already been distributed since the end of February 2021 and we are far from reaching all the people in the region.