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A project from Kinder in Tansania e. V.
in Karatu, Tanzania

In Tanzania, one of the poorest countries in the world, "Kinder in Tansania e. V." cares for children and young people in kindergartens and family homes in order to give them the chance of a healthy, self-determined and successful life.

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About this project

About the project
In one of the poorest countries in the world, children in particular need our support on their way to a self-determined and happy life. Through the Tanzanian partner association Tabasamu Foundation, the association looks after and supports children in Tanzania from infancy to the completion of a professional qualification.

It gives preschool children a place in the day care centre "Tabasamu Day Care Center" in Karatu in the Arusha region and thus gets them off the streets, because even small children sometimes live during the day without parental care. They can play there, receive health care and meals according to their age.

In the neighbouring family house "Tabasamu Family House" nine orphans have found a loving home in a foster family. In addition to financing and managing the children's home and the family home, the association accompanies children and young people through their schooling to a vocational or university degree with the help of sponsorships.

The fifteen local employees of the Tabasamu Foundation are employed on a long-term basis and are able to finance their livelihood due to the project.

Kinder in Tansania e. V. is a non-profit association recognized in Germany, which was founded in 2007 to support and finance the Tanzanian partner organization Tabasamu Foundation.
100 percent of donations to Kinder in Tansania e. V. go to the Tabasamu Foundation and directly benefit the children there. There are no administrative costs in Germany.

Tabasamu Day Care Center & Family House
The Tabasamu Foundation started 14 years ago with the modest goal of offering street children a warm meal a day. Today, up to 40 children up to the age of 5 attend the kindergarten, where the smallest children receive warm meals and grow up in sheltered rooms. The older children also receive their first playful pre-school lessons.
Ten children aged 1 to 18 have found a loving home in the Family House.

Maji Ya Chai
Near Arusha at the foot of Kilimanjaro is the third project house where five handicapped children live. In addition to medical care and physiotherapy tailored to their needs, the location also enables them to attend school, so that the children all achieve very good health and school progress.

Now we need your help!
The Tabasamu Foundation has grown steadily with its tasks. This is where you come into play! For various projects, which we would like to present to you in detail, we kindly ask you for your support! 

On behalf of the children in Tanzania and the Tabasamu Foundation we would like to thank you for your visit!