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MV Louise Michel

A project from Handbreit - Nautical safety solutions
in Burriana, Spain

We are a small team of activists who share the believe that Migration and the freedom of movement should not be the privilege of a few, but is the basic right of everyone. Support us in our fight against Fortress Europe!

Louise Michel Team
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About this project

The MV Louise Michel, named after the French anarchist and feminist, is a civilian rescue ship that sailed its first mission in the central Mediterranean in 2020. The team of experienced activists is united by the conviction that conflicts in society as a whole, such as nationalism, racism, patriarchy and capitalism, cannot be thought of and fought separately. On board and ashore, the crew lives and works feminist, vegan and with flat hierarchies.
To operate a rescue ship we are facing enormes costs such as: harbour fees, spare parts, maintenance of the ship, supplies for or crew, travel costs and so on. 
Tank you for your support!