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A project from Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) Deutschland
in Hamburg, Germany

We support activists who gather evidence of environmental degradation to stop crimes against nature and human rights abuses.

Anna-Maria G.
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About this project

Illegal fishing, the loss of biodiversity and the climate crisis are putting our shared world under enormous pressure. But there is hope. We are proud to work with people who are passionate about our planet and environmental justice every day. You can now help our programme reach even more activists.

Activist Training
Around the world, we help people document and speak out against environmental degradation and crimes against human rights. We also provide training for affected people and communities in our project countries to develop and implement solutions to conflicts on the ground:

  • In West Africa, fishermen can use our smartphone app to report vessels that fish illegally, destroying not only the ocean but also the livelihoods of coastal communities.
  • In Brazil's Pantanal, the world's largest wetland, we are equipping a team of dedicated volunteers to document the devastating fires that are destroying this paradise of biodiversity.
  • At the World Climate Conference in Glasgow (COP26), we enabled young activists to participate in the negotiations and continue to share the messages of the people who are already most affected by the dramatic consequences of the climate crisis.
Why we need your donation
In 2022, we want to do even more to help those affected gather evidence of environmental degradation and human rights abuses and put them in the international spotlight through our campaigning work. We are also working to expand our partner network to provide  more equipment and training to promote a greener, fairer world where environmental justice is where it is needed most.

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