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Against Trafficking in Human Beings - For Human Rights

A project from KOK e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

With your donation, you support us in achieving our goals and strengthen the rights and support options for trafficked persons and victims of exploitation.

KOK e.V.
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About this project

The German Network against Trafficking in Human Beings is a registered non-profit organisation. We are committed at regional, national and international level to combating human trafficking and exploitation, to enforcing the rights of trafficked persons and to realising the human rights of migrants and refugees. 

KOK is the only coordinating body in Germany with this focus and has extensive and long-standing expertise in combating trafficking in human beings and all forms of exploitation. The KOK draws this expertise from the specialist knowledge of its member organisations and thus directly from the practice of specialist counselling centres for trafficking in human beings and exploitation. The KOK is therefore a specialised organisation that works on a practical basis and returns the results of this work to the field. 

What do we want to fund? Your donation is needed for information and educational material. In this way, we can help to enforce and strengthen the rights and protection of trafficked persons. We also want to promote and consolidate the networking of the nationwide actors and member organisations and strengthen the team of the KOK office.