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Swimming for Children of Alcoholics

A project from Such(t)- und Wendepunkt e.V.
in Hamburg, Germany

Children from homes with multiple stresses are often not able to swim sufficiently. On a weekend retreat, they are given the opportunity to learn or improve their swimming skills so that they can move safely in the water.

Katharina B.
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About this project

Many children from homes with multiple problems are not able to swim adequately. Corona has worsened the situation: swimming courses are booked up for years, and in addition, private offers are emerging that are too expensive for many families. Our experience also shows that many parents themselves cannot swim safely enough to pass it on to their children.
Therefore, in 2022 we will dedicate one of our tried and tested children's weekends to swimming. For this purpose, we will rent a group house with a swimming pool and strengthen the partly voluntary team with a professional swimming instructor. Children between the ages of 7 and 12 get the chance to learn how to move safely in the water. And they can go home with a Seahorse badge! This also serves to prevent water accidents - and incidentally strengthens self-confidence and group spirit.

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