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Programme to educate and empower Indonesian youths

A project from shared purpose e.V.
in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Shared purpose e.V. supports Kampung Halaman in the development of learning materials on sexual education, health, hygiene, media literacy, self-esteem and critical thinking for young people.

shared purpose e.V.
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About this project

Kampung Halaman Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2006 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, that focuses on strengthening the critical thinking and role of youth in their respective communities through the use of community-based arts media and collaborative processes. Its mission is to expand and strengthen the support system for Indonesian youth - starting with families, schools and the government, which fully believes in the strength and potential in a participatory and collaborative way of Indonesian youth.

Kampung Halaman's core programmes are:

  • Production of learning tools: 
Developing context-specific learning media for youth in their neighbourhood, such as video diaries, community films, music, narrative photographs, writings, drawings/paintings, comics, wanted posters, village mapping, etc. The use of media becomes a space for the young people to critically question their surroundings. 

  • Creation and strengthening of the Community Lab: 
Organising youth groups in transitional regions through social research, production and dissemination of learning media, building regional foundations through collaborative use of technology in partnership with experts from different fields of academia. 

  • Literacy Campaigns: 
Youth in different parts of Indonesia are invited to understand the world around them and the world in general through their own experiences. They are invited to read, understand, analyse and express this in various forms of literacy campaign media. Starting with films, music, writing and social media dealing with various social issues based on direct experiences.

Currently Kampung Halaman is working on the preparation of:

  • We Love You(th)
We Love You(th) is a social enterprise of Kampung Halaman Foundation. WLY, through its business unit, gives the public the opportunity to play various roles in supporting the education of Indonesian youth. WLY was developed to support the sustainability of the Kampung Halaman organisation, which has been promoting the active role of Indonesian youth through critical community education since 2006. The project will start in January 2022 - and we at shared purpose e.V. are part of it! 

We at shared purpose e.V. are working closely with Kampung Halaman and developing the We love you(th) programme together to maximise the benefits for the youth. In order for us to be able to fund the necessary means and resources, we need your support! 

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