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Housing for needy families in Kibera Slum

A project from Start Somewhere gemeinnützige GmbH
in Nairobi, Kenya

With this fundraising campaign, we aim to finance the construction of five more housing units for families who lost their huts and all their belongings in a fire in Kibera Slum.

O. von Malm
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About this project

In June 2021, a severe fire broke out in a part of Kibera - in "Mashimoni". An area of more than 300 square metres burnt down completely, 160 houses were destroyed and with them all the property of the inhabitants. Through an appeal for donations, we were already able to collect many donations for the construction of new 2-storey houses with our TwistBlocks. We have already successfully built nine of the fourteen planned housing units including their own sanitary facilities and electricity connection. 
With your support we want to complete the next five flats and thus create more living space for the affected families. The houses from our TwistBlocks offer an attractive, safe and hygienic living environment for the residents in the slum. Important features such as fire protection, insulation and temperature management are guaranteed by our TwistBlock construction system.

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