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Milo‘s Chance !

A project from Lächelwerk e.V.
in Schmallenberg, Germany

Milo bekommt die Chance auf ein neues Leben.

Alex G.
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About this project

Here are new updates for the USA trip.

We wanted to communicate everything openly and honestly with you 😊

So, we have chosen direct flights with Lufthansa in Business Class. I know many of you and our doctor said that Milo should at least fly first class on the return flight. But folks, honestly, that's not affordable. I couldn't arrange that with myself either 😳 Business class flights came to € 4900 p.p. We'll just look for an upgrade on the return flight and we'll see. In any case, almost € 15,000 for the flights are gone for the 3 of us 😳 (Before questions arise again: Milo, me and the donor)

Subject of my parents. I didn't say they'd come with me straight away and stay there completely. That is not financially feasible at all.

My parents want to fly over when Milos starts chemotherapy and the stem cell transplant is due. That will be in about 3 weeks. We are already looking for cheap economy flights.

Then we have already booked an accommodation that costs almost 6000 € but is for 2 months where we can all be there. Did I mention that I went through many options and that was the cheapest and best solution.

In addition, there is a rental car for € 1100 for the first 3 weeks.

That's how quickly you get to over € 20,000 😳😔

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all donations received 🙏🥰❤ You are great 🥰❤ Thank you for supporting us and making it possible for us to travel to the USA for Milo's treatment 🙏
 Of course, we will have to pay a few more costs and to give us a little more security, another Betterplace call will be launched 😊

Some of you asked if there would be another appeal.

You are welcome to donate something under this link if you want to 🥰 Thank you very much for that 🙏🥰❤