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Moving break

A project from Freundeskreis Eichrodtschule Lahr e.V.
in Lahr/Schwarzwald, Germany

"Moving break" at the Eichrodt School in Lahr. Acquisition of a new climbing frame, a material depot for and including sports and play equipment. You can find out more about this project and about us at

Simon Rosewich
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About this project

Sporting activity in the fresh air brings joy and fun. In addition, sport contributes to health and positive cognitive development. Children are more receptive and concentrated after they have exercised sufficiently.   
The circle of friends wants to give the pupils at the Eichrodt School appealing and child-friendly opportunities to engage in sports and play during school breaks and off-peak hours. The entirety of the approximately 250 children at the Eichrodt School, which is extremely diverse socially and culturally, should benefit. Last but not least, sports and games also have a social component and can contribute to integration and cohesion within the school. Accordingly, better equipment of the schoolyard with play facilities would contribute to educational success at the Eichrodt School.