Teams for children’s rights

An aid project by “Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk e.V.” (Claudia K.) in Bundesweit, Germany

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Claudia K. (Project Manager)

Claudia K.
Since 18 years the UN-convention for children’s rights has become effective in Germany. However, these rights are still unknown to many children and grown-ups and are often violated. The state has to prioritise the child’s wealth, i.e. if a child wants to stay in contact with both parents after divorce or if a child wants to be noisy while playing in front of the house. With the „children’s rights bag“ pupils, teacher and parents will get extensive information and promotion material on these rights. Children will be able to study their rights and, probably, and have the courage to give their opinion. Self-confidence and an understanding of rights are fundamental for an engagement in the future. Children who stand for their own rights are able to protect themselves against damages.
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Location: Bundesweit, Germany

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  • Uploaded at 07-11-2007