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Intercultural Library for multilingual communication & anti-discrimination

A project from WeltOffen e.V.
in Leipzig, Germany

The intercultural Library Leipzig wishes offer further family events, bilingual readings, intercultural trainings and educational programs for kindergarten and schools.

Natália Hyppolito
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About this project

The intercultural library in Leipzig offers educational events for Kids and Teens and also family events. Music events and classes and movie nights also take place in our comfortable living room.

The library is whatsoever not institutionally funded or subsided. We finance our Program with fees from participants, donations and voluntary work. The library disposes of books in more than 45 languages to borrow and organizes bilingual readings, family meetings and events and also Workshops and Trainings about inter-culturalism, inclusive education and global learning. 

Most of our contributors come from global south and support us in visiting kindergartens and schools and teaching our public their knowledge, international experience and helping kids advance in acquiring intercultural competences. They do it so also by hosting events in the library. Without them we would't be able to offer these intercultural events and educational workshops.

Our Offers for teachers, families, day carers and visitors are available through the whole year and are also high requested for school holidays, as well as extra-curricular trainings.

We look forward to keep offering Leipzig our Prospect and still lack of a supplementary-amount of 2.000 Euros to be able to do so.