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Funded Rakshan shall not be blind

A project from House of Hope e.V.
in Balangoda, Sri Lanka

Rakshan is 2 years and in danger to become blind. He lost one eye because of eye cancer (retinoblastoma). Let us together rescue his right eye - his world should not become dark.

J. Kühn
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About this project

Little 2 year old Udayakumar Rakshan was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma when he was just 8 months old. He was treated for retinoblastoma and finally his left eye was removed in January 2011. Also his right eye is now affected. The doctors are trying to rescue his right eye with laser therapy. The family is very poor and can't afford the requested money (1450 € for 2 y.). Without your donation (60 €/month) Rakshan's world will become dark in the future.