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Barrier-free entrance for primary school

A project from Berlin Bilingual School Pfefferwerk gGmbH
in Berlin, Germany

The entrance area of our bilingual primary school is currently not barrier-free, with a large staircase. We urgently need a ramp there. Please support us in our goal to provide inclusive education for all.

Tobias Goecke
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About this project

We, the community of the Berlin Bilingual School Berlin, see the aspiration towards inclusive education as an important goal. 
This already begins with the main entrance, which is currently not barrier-free with its large staircase access and urgently needs rebuilding. A ramp will ensure accessibility and provide equal access for all children and adults. 
Our school community consists of 290 children between the ages of 6 and 12, as well as their parents. We also care for children with motor impairments or who are dependent on a wheelchair. 
We would like to open our house to all children, but we already reach our limits in terms of accessibility at the entrance area. Festivities at BBS are usually celebrated with the whole community. We want to make sure that in the future grandparents and families with prams will also be able to come to our school without restriction. Our aim is to grant unrestricted access to everyone. 
Furthermore, other associations (e.g. the Berlin Kids International Verein) and the Pfefferwerk Stadtkultur gGmbH also use the premises of our school for events.  The barrier-free access also allows all cooperating partners to use the main entrance without restriction. 
The conversion of the main entrance, including the ramp, is scheduled for 2022. Completion is targeted for July 2022.