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For a Healthy Start: 1,000 Days Determine the Rest of Our Lives

A project from Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.
in Amhara-Region, Ethiopia

The first 1,000 days of a child’s life are decisive: To enjoy a healthy physical and mental development, every child needs to receive sufficient nutrients from the beginning of pregnancy to the second year of life. Please help with your donation!

Noah Müthing
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About this project

Dear supporters,

A healthy and balanced diet is crucial for a child's development during the first 1,000 days of their life. In many regions in Ethiopia, however, nutritious food is in short supply. Ninety-seven percent of children under two suffer from both inadequate quantities of food and an insufficiently nutritious diet. Because their mothers are malnourished, these children are born in a weakened state with little chance of catching up. As a result, nearly half of all children under five are physically underdeveloped for their age.

For Alemie's young family from the Amhara region, the climate crisis is turning into a hunger crisis: long droughts and floods are destroying valuable crops, which is causing the nutrition situation to deteriorate.  The extreme hunger suffered by the family from the Amhara region left marks on Alemie’s daughter Ayana that will be visible for the rest of her life. She is much too small due to the malnutrition she suffered during her first 1,000 days. With her husband, Alemie decided to participate in a program run by Welthungerhilfe and partners.

The needs of the communities and families are as diverse as the challenges they face. We work with the people in our project area in the Amhara region to develop individual aid packages that meet the needs the families face in their lives.

With drought-resistant seeds and agricultural training, the family is now better able to work its small parcel of land and harvest healthy vegetables. Having learnt how to raise chickens, Alemie can provide her children with the protein-rich food they need for a healthy development. 

Sustainable help for a better life

  • We support animal husbandry and livestock breeding
  • Together we promote the cultivation of fruit and vegetables
  • We ensure an adequate water supply
  • We organize cooking courses and train nutrition trainers
  • We save together for larger investments