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Water from Fog: Improving the Health and Nutrition of Families in Peru

A project from WasserStiftung / Waterfoundation
in Santa Rosa, Peru

The Water Foundation will set up several large fog nets in Peru in order to obtain permanent and inexpensive clean water for families and two schools. Workshops on hygiene practices and healthy eating will be held.

Ann-Ulrike Henning
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About this project

 About the project:
Lima is one of the driest cities in the world: 8 million people live in a desert that receives only 9 mm of rain per year. The Water Foundation works to ensure that water is extracted from fog with special networks - so-called CloudFishers - and used for drinking water supply. This approach has already been tested in other countries. The local partner of the Water Foundation has been active in the project area for many years. The families involved in the project have been very involved in the development of the project.
Starting position: 
The project is carried out in the municipality of Santa Rose near Lima. Almost 30,000 people live there. Schoolchildren from one school and many families will benefit from the project - around 1200 people in total. There is no water or sewage system in the project area. Drinking water is obtained from tank trucks. Water costs can be up to 27% of the families' monthly income. The quality of the water and the cleanliness of the tanker are not checked. Hygienic problems e.g. diarrhea and respiratory diseases arise. Malnutrition is also problematic: 
as there is no water, few vegetables are grown and eaten. 
Project goal: 
Thanks to the innovative CloudFisher fog nets, poor families have easy and regular access to drinking water and can thus improve their health situation and diet. 
 What happens in the project:
·         CloudFishers are installed at a school by an experienced engineer with the active support of the local population. 
·         Water is extracted from fog and fed to families and schools. 
·         Hygiene training courses are carried out so that there are fewer diseases. 
·         Greenhouses and house gardens are being built, because now water is finally available. 
·         Workshops impart knowledge about vegetable growing and healthy eating. 
·         Part of the population is instructed in CloudFisher maintance and water quality assurance; water committees are established. 
·         The families and schoolchildren disseminate their acquired knowledge in the community, e.g. via posters or theatre plays. 
The project will start on May 1, 2022 and will run for 3 years. 
Further information on CloudFisher: 
The photo used shows a CloudFisher that has already been built in Morocco.