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Prevention against sexual assaults on the Internet

A project from Innocence in Danger e.V.
in Deutschland, Germany

An interactive play can strengthen the conscious contact of the children and teenagers with the Internet in schools and protect them against sexual assaults.

S. Fritzsche
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About this project

We execute nationwide prevention projects against children sexual abuse and pursue a strong clarification on this subject.

It is for this matter that we have developed a prevention play called “Offline”. It’s aim is to strengthen the conscious handling of Internet and mobile phones among teenagers, and to make them aware of the dangers of the Internet.

The reason why we created this interactive play is because children and teenagers stock information better with this interactive process. This “Adventure” requires and uses the digital medias themselves. Laptops and exchanges in a fictive Chatroom are part of the adventure. This arouses the enthusiasm of children and teenagers. What is characteristic of this play is that the participants reach the aim together, and not in any competitive way.

In a subsequent conversation between the actors/drama teachers and the pupils, the individual prevention issues are discussed in depth. In addition to this, the play is performed in front of the participant’s parents during a Parents Evening. It is the perfect opportunity for parents to learn about the relevant hazards of the Internet and to interact with the teachers.

10 to 16 students can participate in the play. Two passages are generally required for one class. The expenses for the performance, follow-up and parents evening reach approximately 2.100€.

Since the play premiered in August 2011, 360 children and teenagers were able to participate in 12 different performances. By donating to this project, you enable further performances, spreading the Internet-prevention on a larger scale. Thank you very much!

Here is the link to a short video: