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We're building a community center for people on-the-move on Lesbos

A project from Europe Cares e.V.
in Mytilini, Greece

Over a year ago, a fire destroyed Moria Camp. Nevertheless, more than 3,000 people on Lesbos are still exposed to inhumane conditions! With a Community Center we cover their basic needs. Support us and provide direct help!

Luca Beitz
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About this project

Over a year ago a fire destroyed Moria Camp and despite Europe-wide attention, more than 3,000 people on Lesbos are still subjected to inhumane conditions.  While the people in the camp seem almost forgotten, winter is approaching and every week more and more people on the run reach the island of Lesbos.

We are on the spot and provide direct help, because refugees on Lesbos - within the EU! - lack the most basic necessities. In our Community Center right next to the camp, we already cover their basic needs together with our partner organizations Leave No One Behind and STELP e.V.. This involves:

  • Food packages, because the food distribution in the camp is not enough,
  • Winter clothing, because the winter on Lesbos is cold,
  • Shower center & hygiene products, because cleanliness should not be a luxury,
  • Laundry center, to wash clothes and prevent skin diseases,
  • Child care with pedagogical support,
  • Language courses in English, perspectively also German.
The Community Center is already in operation and is visited daily. However, we urgently need your help: For the further construction and operation of the Community Center we are dependent on donations.
With 30.000€ the basic costs of the center are secured for six months. In addition, we provide clothing and equipment for refugees to survive the winter, which we buy from donations on site or provide through donations in kind. We are happy about any support!

The violation of human rights has become an everyday occurrence at Europe's borders. Whether pushbacks on the open sea & in the Balkans, horrendous conditions in camps on the Greek islands or the accepted homelessness on the streets of Athens.  Europe Cares e.V. supports people on the run from afar & on the ground and advocates for a humane migration policy. With your support you set a sign that these people are not forgotten by Europe!