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Help Defend Legal Rights for Refugees in Greece

A project from European Lawyers in Lesvos gGmbH
in Mytilini, Greece

This holiday season, ELIL is seeking support to meet the increased need for flexible legal aid for asylum seekers across Greece.

P. Worthington
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About this project

The past year has brought seismic changes to the legal landscape for refugees in Greece. An increasingly strict asylum framework, an extremely quick interview procedure and mass transfers from the islands to the mainland have severely restricted access to services, threatened people’s rights and undermined the rule of law. Meanwhile, a decision designating Turkey as ‘safe’ for people arriving from five countries denies people a fair assessment of their claims. 
In this context, access to comprehensive assistance from a qualified asylum lawyer can make all the difference. Since 2016, ELIL has provided legal assistance to over 13,000 people. In response to a shifting context, we recently opened a new project in Athens, where we have already supported hundreds of refugees. 
Your donation can help us expand our team and make a difference to the lives of thousands of refugees in Greece. Together, we can continue to fight the impact of harmful policies by assisting people in presenting their cases and helping reunite families across borders.