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Winter assistance for young refugees in Bosnia-Herzegovina

A project from Schüler Helfen Leben
in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Show your solidarity with young refugees in Bosnia-Herzegovina and donate for a humane basic care!

Sami Kirschenmann
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About this project

Solidarity with children and young people on the run!
This winter, another humanitarian catastrophe for fleeing people in Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the horizon: Since the closure of the so-called "Balkan Route" (flight route across the Balkan Peninsula; especially from the Middle East via Turkey and Greece towards Central and Northern Europe), people are regularly stranded there. Since August of this year, more and more people have been arriving from Afghanistan, who had to flee their homeland to escape the Taliban. Under catastrophic humanitarian conditions, in rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures, hundreds of refugees without prospects are now forced to hold out in Bosnia and Herzegovina and still no political solutions are in sight. Among them are many children and young people, who are the focus of our winter emergency aid!

This makes it all the more important for civil society to become active in the current situation and send a clear signal of solidarity. Because for us it is clear: Decent care and prospects for the future must not be privileges.

The people on the ground lack the basic supplies they need. In addition, they are exposed to acute dangers due to regular harassment and violence on the part of state authorities. So-called "pushbacks" (the illegal and often violent pushing back by border officials of European states) are reported again and again. These situations are particularly unbearable for children and young people.
Thus, in the current situation, people have no other option but to camp under disastrous conditions in the official, usually overcrowded camps for refugees or in the open. With the onset of winter and the rapid fall of snow, the tents often threaten to collapse under the weight of the snow. Many people therefore spend the night in dilapidated buildings or bus stops.

This is exactly where our project partner Amila becomes active: She runs a supply room in the city of Tuzla, in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. From there, she supports young refugees with the most necessary goods: Hygiene items, food, shoes, sleeping bags and clothes. She appreciates the current support from civil society: "With every cent or every pair of socks, a visible improvement can be made here."
We at Schüler Helfen Leben are certain: civil society solidarity makes a difference and every donation can save lives - Leave No One Behind!

We promise you that your donation will benefit refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina and will have an impact there. The needs listed here are only examples. What the donated money will ultimately be used for depends primarily on the developments on the ground. We will keep you up to date on this!