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Funded Sewing workshop for training young adults in Ghana

A project from a different life e.V.
in Agona Nsaba, Ghana

Without training opportunities, many young people fall into lifelong dependency at an early age. With our sewing workshop, they can learn a trade, as well as other practical skills to start their own business.

Natalie S.
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About this project

Many young people - especially women - in Agona Nsaba (Ghana) can neither attend university nor start an education due to lack of financial means or other support. This leads to unemployment and lifelong (financial) dependence at an early age. We want to counteract this. With our sewing workshop, we want to strengthen the young generation and their role in society. 

Our training workshop has two goals:
  • Training: to give young people the opportunity to learn a profession that is in demand in Ghana in order to stand on their own feet. 
  • Business creation: In addition to sewing training, to provide the trainees with other basic skills with which they can master the daily tasks of their own tailoring business after completing their training. 

Every year, motivated young people are accepted into our (typical for Ghana) 3-year training program. The trainees will also acquire language, computer and business management skills as part of their professional development. Thereby they will learn further important skills with which they can start their own business and manage it in the long run. Our NGO will support the fresh graduates mainly in the initial phase until they are established in the market. In addition, the graduates will later have the opportunity to be employed at the training center in our youth hub to train others at the sewing machine.

The training workshop is equipped with seven workstations (industrial sewing machines with table and chair), a large cutting table, bobbin stand, ironing board with iron, two shelves for storing fabrics, books and other utensils, a dressing room and a mirror.

The sewing workshop will become one of the four programs offered at our youth center (see picture). After successful fundraising for the IT center and the sexual and reproductive health education center, and final registration of the land, the construction of the education center is expected to start in the second half of 2022.