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A project from Zukunft für Bweyas Kinder e.V.
in Kajjansi, Uganda

We are supporting Children Safe Uganda in becoming an indipendend organisation, helping orphans and children of the local communities developing towards a healthy future. CSU will realize a number of strategic projects in order to grow sustainable.

Nico Schumann
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About this project

Children Safe Uganda is planning to establish a complex vocational school which offers training in various courses such as catering and cookery, hair dressing, brick laying and concrete practice, fashion and design, carpentry and joinery practice, farming, mental fabrication and joinery plus motor vehicle engineering and mechanics. A big number of our children are taken have been enrolled in outside vocational institutes for such courses. So after constructing ours, it will serve our own with other community members who would wish to join at a an affordable rate for our own. Secondary, most of the children that we get have many educational challenges whereby they are in need of vocational skills than classwork. This skills development centre will cater for such. 

Each year CSU enrolls between 3-5 children for different vocational courses in different institutes across the country. We are sure that by having our own vocational school on site, CSU will be saving a lot of money from being spent outside and instead used to benefit the organization.
We aim to use the vocational training school as the first line of response to help the huge numbers of children who drop out of active academic  learning classes. By joining the vocational school we hope children who drop out of school without any tangible skill can enrolled for a skill that will help them sustain themselves. 
CSU is looking forward to generate meaningful revenues from the vocational school. As I have mentioned in the introduction, the biggest problem CSU is facing right now is the question of financial sustainability. By enrolling many students from within CSU and outside, we hope that CSU will be able to generate some incomes from the profits generated from the school.