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Final Social Media Campaign

A project from StopFinningEU e.V.
in Rosenheim, Germany

For our final campaign in social media we need support! Our citizens' initiative for an end to the trade in shark fins ends on 31.01.2021 and we need attention in the times of the pandemic in the social media.

Nils Kluger
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About this project

At the end of the EU citizens' initiative, we want to draw a lot of people's attention to our cause. 
For this purpose, we want to place advertisements in the social media Facebook and Instagram, which point more people to our concern and the soon ending citizens' initiative. 
The actual need can not yet be finalized, because we can not yet estimate how many votes we can reach even without advertising. Up-to-date we reach approx. 3 signatures with 1€ advertising budget. Currently we are still missing 625.000 votes (200.000€). But: We get votes for this important legislative initiative every day and therefore we believe that the gap will be much less in the end. 
We plan a Social Media campaign with 10.000 additional Euros (5.000 Facebook, 5.000 Instagram).