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Ethiopia: Inclusion of children with disabilities

A project from Partnerschaft mit Alem Katema e.V
in Baldham, Germany

Give more children a chance. Help us to include children with disabilities into the classes of our three preschools in Alem Katema (Ethiopia) and open the doors to education for them at an early, but incredibly important, stage of their lifes.

Alexander Bestle
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About this project

Giving more children a chance.  The aim is to ensure that they have equal access to education from preschool age - regardless of whether they have a disability or not. In the future, four to six year olds with visual impairments, the deaf as well as the mentally and physically handicapped will also be able to participate in classes at the three preschools/kindergartens in Alem Katema (Ethiopia). We need your help to finance the further education of the teaching staff, since this is the only way to start the inclusion of these disadvantaged young people as soon as possible in order to give them the chance for a successful education. In addition, the necessary equipment must be provided: Special textbooks, braille boards, etc.
That is why we urgently ask you for a donation. Every penny brings us closer to our goal. Thank you very much