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Ocean Plastic Collection and Recycling Project Philippines

A project from Life e. V.
in Reutlingen, Germany

Ocean plastic collection and recycling project in the Philippines. With our full-time employees on site, we collect plastic and other waste in order to protect people and animals and to preserve nature.

Bastian Günther
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About this project

Our collection and recycling project in the Philippines fights ocean plastic. We want to do environmental conservation together with the local people and for all of us and therefore do not collect with boats, but on the beaches and river banks. In so doing, the local population also benefits through additional local added value, as do the animals in the coastal regions and along the rivers. 

The collected waste is sorted in our recycling center and then recycled or disposed of in a professional manner. Our colleagues on site are permanently employed by us and depend on their work, especially during the Corona pandemic and the loss of jobs in tourism. We would like to continue our project, together with and for the local people and animals. Therefore we are happy about every donation, which will help to protect the environment and improve the living conditions of the local people. 

For more information do not hesitate to visit our website: and write us a message. We are looking forward to it!

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