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Fund education - especially in times of pandemic! We for Leme!

A project from Bergkloster Stiftung SMMP
in Leme, Brazil

Poor families in the Brazilian city of Leme cannot afford to send their children to school. With your donation, we can break the vicious circle and pave a way out of poverty for the children.

Andreas Beer
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About this project

Education — even in times of pandemic! This is the only way to overcome poverty!

Need and poverty have increased in Brazil to a staggering degree due to the Corona pandemic. Many plantation workers and casual labourers have been practically without income for many months. Since school attendance costs money in Brazil, many families have no other choice: they have to withdraw their children from school.

The Sisters of St. Mary Magdalene Postel fight daily against this problem and for the people! For more than 50 years, they have been running an educational centre for children from 4 to 14 years of age in Leme, a city of now more than 100,000 inhabitants, north of São Paulo, as well as several social centres on the outskirts of Leme, which has been growing for years. In addition, some of the school's classes are also located in the outskirts of the city, so that children who have never been to school, because family circumstances do not allow it, can also be reached.

Free places have to be provided for these children, as the families cannot pay school fees. To finance these places and the school meals and to cover all costs, the sisters depend on help and donations.

A school place for a child costs 140 Euros per month (1,680 Euros per year).

Children who were just living on the streets, some of whom were already involved in human trafficking, now go to school.

The Canisius School Ahaus, long in the sponsorship of the SMMP order, is still closely connected to the order and the social work of the sisters. Every year, the school supports the work in Leme financially with about 30,000 euros. The money is collected by pupils and their parents at a Christmas bazaar by selling homemade items such as Christmas decorations, food, or postcards. Due to the pandemic, this bazaar can only take place in a very limited form again this year, although the children in Brazil are particularly dependent on money from Germany during these Corona times.

Please support our work for the children now with a donation. Thanks to our partner Volksbank Gronau-Ahaus, 100% of your donations will arrive, as all transaction fees will also be donated. Thank you very much.