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CONCORDIA Emergency Aid - Mobile Help for the Poorest in Sofia

A project from CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte Deutschland
in Sofia, Bulgaria

Our mobile team regularly travels around the poor neighborhoods of Sofia distributing food, clothing, medicines and providing health and psychosocial support.

Jessica Danilejko
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About this project

Children and families from poor backgrounds are particularly affected by disadvantage and poverty in Bulgaria. Catastrophic housing conditions without water supply and sewerage combined with unemployment, structural discrimination and an almost complete lack of prospects create a vicious circle that is difficult to break. Some children in Sofia's poor neighborhoods never attend school or unjustly end up in a special education class. 
Mobile assistance opens the possibility to reach a larger number of people in need. Our team consists of a coordinator, a nurse, a psychologist, a social worker and a driver. Monthly, up to 220 people living in poverty and exclusion in Sofia are supported with this offer. 

We distribute food packages, listen to people's problems, promote community and their health. With our ambulance, we perform basic medical examinations and refer the sick to specialists. However, our care does not stop here. CONCORDIA's mobile team also helps people find jobs, file documents, with legal advice and support in medical facilities.