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A warm Christmas gift for Talitha Kumi children in Bethlehem

A project from Berliner Missionswerk (BMW)
in Beit Jala, Palestinian Territory

Talitha Kumi School provides quality education to underprivileged students in the Holy Land

Laila Sarras
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About this project

 In Bethlehem, Christmas Eve is eerily cold. In normal times, the warmth of the father coming home from work with a jacket, pullover or even a scarf can be the joy of a warm Christmas, this year the father has no work; all tourist dependent businesses are closed. 

The goal of Talitha Kumi School this Christmas is to demonstrate God’s blessings in a tangible way to children in need. We ask you to share the warmth and comfort of the season and make a donation to keep the children of Bethlehem warm at Christmas.