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openSenseLab - help kids make the world greener with code

A project from openSenseLab gGmbH
in Münster, Germany

The openSenseLab encourages children and young people to make the world greener with self-built and self-programmed environmental stations. They develop their vision of a better society and learn to program in a playful way.

Philip Weiger
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About this project

Our vision is a future in which everyone has free access to knowledge and excellent education and is digitally empowered to protect the climate and the environment.

The Internet makes it easier than ever to link decentrally distributed knowledge of people and to observe phenomena of collective intelligence and self-organization. Knowledge that belongs to the general public increases equality of opportunity and has the potential to trigger positive social transformation processes, e.g. in environmental and climate protection. 

We would like to make a positive contribution by transferring scientific knowledge to the educational sector and society and by operating and further developing free digital offerings and workshops for children and young people.