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Replacement for old Judo mats from the "Judofreunde Korntal e.V."

A project from Judofreunde Korntal e.V.
in Korntal, Germany

The sports club "Korntaler Judofreunde e.V." would like to replace old and defective Judo mats for our weekly training. Half of them are older than 20 years. We ask for your support here. Every little helps!

Thomas Wermter
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About this project

The sports club "Korntaler Judofreunde e.V." (founded 2019) would like to replace the old Judo mats for our weekly training in Korntal. Half of the mats are around 20 years old and are loosing its filling. 
We are looking for good second-hand Judo mats to save money and protect the environment.
In case there will be some money left, we will buy additional training equipment. 

We plan to renew the Judo mats in 2022 and trainer and members help organising the replacement.

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