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Let buses against animal testing drive through Berlin

A project from TierVersuchsGegner Berlin und Brandenburg e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

A large part of our work consists of public relations: educating people about animal experiments and animal-free science. To this end, four buses travel through Berlin every day demanding: "End animal cruelty! Animal-free research!" You can help too!

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About this project

What are we campaigning for?
In 2019, more than 2.9 million animals were mistreated in animal experiments in Germany, including dogs, cats, monkeys, mice and many other species. In the absence of more recent figures, this translates to a timeline of one animal suffering in an experimental lab every 11 seconds. We stand up against animal testing and for animal-free science. Because we are sure: The future lies in ethically unobjectionable, modern, animal-free research.

To achieve this, we work together with politicians and scientists, because we believe that only with all parties involved can we really create a paradigm shift. But a large part of our work also consists of public relations: educating and informing people about animal experimentation as well as animal-free science. Because together we are stronger and louder.

Why do we let buses drive through Berlin?
It is easy to avoid the topic of animal testing if you want to. We find this unacceptable, because in Germany alone, several million animals suffer every year. And only a fraction of financial support flows into animal-free science, the majority still into animal experiments. This has to change and for that we need publicity.
That's why we want to reach many people in their everyday lives. A total of four buses drive through Berlin every day and clearly demand: "End animal cruelty! Research free of animal experiments!" This is how we move the issue of animal testing and animal-free research into their field of vision. Visibility of a grievance is the first step for change. But of course they also cost a lot of money: 405 € per month per bus, to be concrete.

How can you help?
So that the buses can continue to travel through Berlin, we need your support: 
  • With 27 € you can finance a bus for two days.
  • With 54 € you finance a bus for four days
  • With 95 € you finance a bus for one week
  • And with 405 € you make sure that a bus can run for a whole month.
Or make a permanent donation of 13,50 € per month. That means one day for one bus per month, a great thing!

Who we are and what we have already achieved
We are recognized as a non-profit and particularly worthy of support association and have been campaigning for animal rights since 1979. We are signatories to the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft. This means that we have committed ourselves to voluntary self-regulation and follow the transparency guidelines. This includes disclosing for all to see what goals we are pursuing, and how and for what we use our donations. Read more about our successes so far here.