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Cantamus Giessen - Support for choir after cancelled Christmas concert

A project from Cantamus Gießen
in Gießen, Germany

CANTAMUS Giessen has had to cancel its Christmas concert on December 12. As a replacement we have recorded an online concert for you. Instead of the concert proceeds, we now ask you for support for the further rehearsal work.

Carsten Hoffmann
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About this project

Cantamus means "we sing", and that's exactly what we do with passion. We sing not (only) for us, but especially for our audience.
Today we would like to ask our audience for support so that we can continue rehearsing at a high level next year.
You may be thinking, "Singing? That doesn't cost any money!" Then we will take you to a rehearsal of CANTAMUS Giessen: 
Even before we open the sheet music in our rehearsal room, our voice coach asks us to sing in.
This sentence already contains three not inconsiderable cost factors:
  • We sing from original sheet music. It is important to us to pay the composers; only then will there be more works of contemporary music.
  • We need a suitable rehearsal space. In addition to a lot of distance between the singers, good acoustics are of great importance; choral sound only comes about when people can hear each other.
  •  We want to develop ourselves further. We always sing ourselves in, but vocal training for a choir is like training for athletes and the effects are audible.
CANTAMUS has been singing together since 2009. The experienced choirmaster Axel Pfeiffer founded the ensemble and is still our director. Some of us have been with the choir from the beginning, some only for a few weeks. As an ambitious mixed choir, our credo is: "We have set ourselves the challenging goal of interpreting the diversity of choral music at a high level." In doing so, we have already experienced a lot together: concert tours, state and national competitions, the recording of a CD. Most important for us are the moments when we sing for our audience: this has been denied to us since 2020 due to the Corona pandemic. We rehearsed with each other first by video conference, then online through a special software for musicians. We had a goal: we rehearsed "Romanticism a cappella - Advent and Christmas songs" from the Helbling Verlag choir book of the same name. We wanted to finally perform these pieces "for real", as a Christmas concert in St. Boniface. Now the pandemic has put a spoke in our wheel again: no concert, no income. Therefore, we ask you today for support in the form of a donation, because as a choral society we are non-profit.
 To make sure that you will definitely hear something from us, we recorded the pieces on October 2 in St. Boniface and you can hear them on December 15, 2021 at 8 pm as a video premiere. Of course, we could have made this recording in any hall, but that would not have been CANTAMUS: St. Bonifatius has become the home of our Christmas concerts, the partnership with the parish, the organ support group and the regional cantor Michael Gilles are part of the project for us, which is why the recording is rounded off by romantic organ works on the Eule organ. And for this reason, part of the donations of this crowdfunding will also go to the support association "Freunde der Kirchenmusik St. Bonifatius Gießen e. V."