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Giving the gift of health in Afghanistan

A project from humedica e. V.
in Kabul, Afghanistan

More than 30 million people live in Afghanistan - even before the Taliban came to power, many were poor or on the run. humedica helps them with medical care and education in two day clinics as well as food.

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About this project

Many people in Afghanistan have lost their homes due to heavy fighting or no longer have an economic basis because the harvest has been destroyed by drought or fighting. Basic foodstuffs such as flour, lentils or oil are lacking for many Afghans, who are becoming increasingly poor in large sections of society. Medical care is becoming an unattainable luxury for many. Cut off from the rest of the world, they are urgently in need of help. 

The increasing poverty hits inner-Afghan refugees particularly hard, who are left with nothing and urgently need support. humedica helps everyone, women as well as men, old as well as young. However, special attention is given to those who are particularly vulnerable and therefore need help most urgently. These are usually women, children, many of them refugees who have had to leave their homes. 

humedica helps them with food, medical care and treatment.