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35,000 trees in Kenya to tackle deforestation

A project from EarthAid Solutions e.V.
in Kithoka, Kenya

Ever planted a tree with 0,10€? With us, it is possible! We are a non-profit organisation run by students and we pay the costs for our association ourselves, so that 100% of your donation goes into the project. Help us fight deforestation in Kenya!

Christopher Douillet
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About this project

Earthaid Solutions e.V. is an association founded by students from Germany and Switzerland. Our aim is to contribute to the protection of the environment and to provide solutions to fight global warming. Currently, we are focussing on planting trees in different locations such as Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia in order to tackle deforestation in these countries and help rebuilt the largest carbon dioxide storages. 

Despite being one of the fastest growing countries in sub-Saharan Africa (The World Bank, 2021), Kenya has not been spared by deforestation… Kenya’s forest resources are essential because of the environmental and ecosystem services they provide, their contribution to the country’s economic development, and their contribution to rural livelihoods (Ruri Consultants, 2013). Nonetheless, WWF states that comparing the years 1990 and 2015, a 25% (824,115 ha) decrease in forest cover can be observed. This corresponds to a deforestation rate of 33,000 ha per year or, put in context, to a surface equalling the size of 100 football pitches per day. Also, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO), 46% of the population lives below the poverty line. These numbers show that it is more than time to take action! 

To this end, we work in collaboration with a renowned environmental organisation called Eden Reforestation Projects. This organisation does not solely plant trees in places of need but also work with local populations to alleviate them from poverty. As such, locals are hired to reforest their land, which generates employment. Additionally, this creates an emotional bound between the populations and the trees they planted, which leads to them protecting their forests and, thus, reduces the risk of these trees being cut down in the future. In 2021, we already conducted a project in Kenya with Eden Reforestation Projects and planted over 50,000 trees. However, this is far from sufficient to compensate for the trees cut down in a year. 

This project aims to plant 35,000 additional trees in Kenya. Once more, we ask for your support. Be involved and become the change towards a greener planet for future generations!