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A project from ZIVD e.V. - Zentrum Interkultureller Verständigung
in Dresden, Germany

We want to broadcast a positive political sign from Saxony! We need your financial help to achieve this!

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About this project

 We want to broadcast a positive political sign from Saxony!
We need your financial help to achieve this!
SoliSound will be musical rally for a open, tolerant society.
A rally like this is connected with significant financial burdens, which is why we need your support. Even if artists agree to play on a voluntary basis, there are significant costs, for example for the lease of the necessary technical equipment.
Currently our projected costs are for the stage and technical equipment, advertisement and travel and catering costs for the artists and staff.
If you are (responsible for) a company that would like to help us financially and become a sponsor of SoliSound, please write an eMail to
Sponsors will get the opoortunity to present themselves on stage, on banner ads on location and through our social media channels.
The SoliSound announcement for further reference:
On Sunday the 5. December 2021 at 15:00, the SoliSound rally will take place in Dresden on the Theaterplatz. We want to use this advent sunday to give many different people a space and a stage to stand up for a welcoming, tolerant and diverse society in Dresden and Saxony.
People with important things to say will get a chance to speak. They will be musically accompanied by (among others) Sebastian Krumbiegel, Captain Zorx and the Ukulelenprediger.
You have something to say as well? Get in contact with us if you want to give a statement on stage, perform, or want to present information about your group, initiative or organization at a booth.
Support our call to action by signing on, by sharing it, or by inviting others to come! Grab your family, friends and neighbors and spend the second advent together with other wonderful people.

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