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Our cuddly mascot enchants seriously ill kids

A project from Lächelwerk e.V.
in Schmallenberg, Germany

Loona is a lucky charm, encourager, comforter of souls and bringer of hope. The mascot of Lächelwerk e. V. is intended to grow in the truest sense of the word and cheer up seriously ill children in their tough (hospital) everyday lives.

Alex G.
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About this project

Loona is a little lucky charm, encourager, comforter and bringer of hope. The mascot of Lächelwerk e. V. from Germany combines many tasks and masters them with flying colors: Since the founding of Lächelwerk in 2017, she has accompanied the seriously ill children and adolescents on their often hard and difficult journey. As a stuffed animal about 45 centimeters tall - lovingly handmade by people with disabilities - Loona has become a friend for the kids, to cuddle, talk to, comfort. 

In addition, Loona has her own e-mail address. Here, children and adolescents can pour out their hearts, in complete confidence. Loona is also the protagonist of her own coloring book and distracts children and adolescents from their illness, for example in hospitals. She just lets children be children - a wonderful purpose.

For years, we have seen how happy our mascot makes seriously ill children and also adolescents. For this reason, we would like Loona to fulfill an even greater purpose and distract young people from their great need, from their difficult everyday life. Our little Loona shall grow, in the truest sense of the word. She should become larger than life for special projects, a real mascot to touch. 

We would like to have the fluffy "costume" made of material according to the OEKO-TEX ® standard and under the highest hygienic requirements. A team member would slip into it after completion and visit children and adolescents in hospitals or at home, among other places. Many seriously ill children and adolescents we care for need laughter, distraction, courage - some on their final journey. 

The larger-than-life Loona would take them in her arms and comfort them, joke with them and enchant them with a loving look.