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Closed Andean Condor Webcam Project

Bariloche, Argentina

Closed Andean Condor Webcam Project

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We are recording on video the activities of an Andean condor’s nest, for scientific studies, and education.

C. Holler from C. HollerWrite a message

I am the Project Coordinator Christian Holler and with ornithologist Lorenzo Sympson from Bariloche, Argentina, we started a new project to help the andean condor and the biodiversity of the place where we live.
Andean Condors are in danger, almost facing extinction in places like Venezuela and Colombia.
With our research and education tools we help to protect the species and Patagonia´s biodiversity.
It´s nature + technoloigy + education, and it´s in our hearts.

If you want to spend 5 minutes and read this, welcome to our home, and at the end, we are waiting for your questions.
Here it goes... !

Through the installation of a series of webcams, the project is recording the activities of an Andean condor’s nest for one year, in order to study the animal’s behavior.
In September 2012 we are setting up a website that will broadcast the condor’s activities live, and will have conservation educational material to watch and download.
Studies on the condor´s flying routes and air currents around empty nests are being carried out, using paragliders, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and gliders.
A documentary film of the whole project is being shot, aimed at broadcasting it by international TV networks, and to be used as a conservation educational tool.

Lorenzo´s scientific group is using this research to gain knowledge about condor nests, feeding habits in grasslands, offspring breeding and their flight. The study´s conclusions will be made available to the scientific community in order to help with condor conservation and create management plans.
Scientific cooperation and interaction between Argentina, Latin American countries and the USA is being promoted, and thus contribute to Andean and Californian condor conservation efforts.
He has been studying the species for more than 25 years and is a world known condor expert.

This project has come to life as a result of the shooting of the documentary film "The Path of the Condor". It was directed by me, and it tells the story of the discovery trip looking for the secrets of the Andean condor´s life and flight, made by Sympson and paraglider pilot Martin Vallmitjana.

Our supporters are The Nature Conservancy, the William H. Donner Foundation, the Sociedad Naturalista Andino Patagónica, Grupo Burco America and the Laboratorio de vibraciones del Centro Atómico Bariloche, A BIG THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE !!!!!!

We are looking for donations which will benefit this project in many ways.
Money will help us pay for cameras, travel expenses, scientists work, etc.
Donations in kind will bring for example binoculars, fuel, solar panels...
Contacts and networking are a big part of the game, and not less important!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at, and thanks in advance for helping us to care for our environment, and protect this very special bird, the Andean condor of South America.

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