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Improving the Burn Intensive Care Unit - Hopes for the new year

A project from Nepalmed e.V.
in Kirtipur, Nepal

One spark of fire too many - in Nepal, that can mean a long ordeal or fight for survival, often with severe burn injuries. Every donation, no matter how small, counts to provide good medical treatment for the severely injured patients.

Ireen Klemp
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About this project

In Nepal, the most serious burn accidents happen every day, especially in the cold season. Together we can support hopes and wishes for the new year and donate a little help! 
The Kirtipur Hospital, where I am currently doing an internship as a medical student, comprises various departments, including one of the largest burn centers in Nepal. Since its opening, more than 3500 patients have been treated, and currently there are about 600 burn victims per year, with an upward trend. The reasons are burns caused by kerosene stoves, fire, boiling water or even gas explosions. All can cause extremely severe and life-threatening injuries, ranging from superficial skin damage to unfortunately usually fatal multi-organ failure. If the respiratory tract is involved, caused by inhalation of soot, inhalation trauma also occurs. Patients with such inhalation trauma currently have a shocking 20% chance of survival at the specialized burn center in Kirtipur. Each year, 50-60 burn victims with inhalation trauma are admitted to Kirtipur Hospital. Projected, one patient per week dies from inhalation trauma. 
The overall mortality rate of patients in the burn intensive care unit is currently 22%. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the motivated and specialized team, 4 out of 5 patients with burn injuries are able to leave the ward and return to their families. In some cases, however, they suffer permanent and severe consequential damages and thus have a significantly reduced quality of life. 
Kirtipur Hospital is one of the few hospitals in Nepal to offer specialized treatment for burn victims. However, the equipment of the ward is still in need of improvement. It would make sense to renovate and improve the existing burn intensive care unit and the attached operating rooms. The American Lion's Club has pledged its support, but Kirtipur Hospital is short 35,000USD (approx. 30,255 Euro). Support from the Nepalese government is not expected. To raise the money in Nepal through donations is unrealistic.
Therefore, our help is needed - a donation of 15.000€ would be an important step towards the realization of the plans. 
People all over the world have hopes and wishes for the new year 2022. Here in Kirtipur the dream of great help and improved standards is pursued. 
I wish that it will soon be possible to reduce and prevent serious fire fates. I wish the patients that they will receive adequate treatment for their severe injuries and that both the chance for survival and the quality of life afterwards will increase. I wish the Burn Center team that all the motivation will end in success and that the dream of improved care will come true.
With every small donation we can go one step further towards fulfilling this wish!