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Our path to emotional intelligence in education

A project from Bundesverband der emotionalen Intelligenz e.V.
in Adelsried, Germany

Our basic mission is to promote the integration of emotional intelligence in schools, universities as well as other educational institutions. We are guided by the latest findings in neuroscientific research.

Josie Stück
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About this project

Our mission
With your donation you enable us to support educational institutions in integrating emotional intelligence into everyday life: 

  •     as a separate subject 
  •     as a topic in existing subjects
  •     as practical training for teachers   

Our programs are free of charge for both students and teachers. In order to continuously improve our offer, we conduct our own research, among other things. We create the course content ourselves and specifically promote the use of neuroscience, evidence-based practices. 

With your donation, you enable us to offer professional development courses for teachers in digital formats year-round. By doing so, you make it easier for educators to become familiar with the practice and enable them to pass on the knowledge they gain to their students.

We act on the belief that wellness and health are important building blocks to positively impact the world. When we are healthy, we can better be there for our projects, our work environment and our loved ones. That's why FAEI has been actively working to strengthen the well-being of our society's youngest members, in particular for more than 18 months. 

With your donation you support the two primary goals of the association:

  •     to anchor emotional intelligence in schools, universities, educational institutions, and similar establishments
  •     to promote scientific information on emotional intelligence

Action Plan 2021 - Heroes of Education

Our Action Plan 2021 promotes the very skills that will become essential for successful projects as well as successful careers in the years to come:  

  •     Wellbeing, Mental Health and Resilience. 
  •     Empathy and compassion
  •     Collaboration in teams, both on-site and digital
  •     Team leadership and lead difficult conversations
  •     Negotiation skills with the goal of growing through shared successes rather than shrinking through compromise 

The launch of the program in 2020 was a major milestone for FAEI. Our current goal is now to provide free accessible training to more than 50,000 educators by 2025.

Courses include pre- and post-workshop evaluations, the teaching of new methods and techniques, as well as the development and implementation of innovative concepts. The content is all based on neuroscience research. We evaluate the success of the program by collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.

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