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Funded Edupaz: Support indigenous people in Mexico

Comitán, Mexico

Through a microcredit program famers in Mexico are supported to reinforce their economic autonomy.

S. Herrmann from Welthaus Bielefeld e.V.
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Dear Donor,
mais is one basic and very important food products for Mexicans.

But one third of almost 11 million tons of mais is importet from the USA. Due to us-american subsidies which keep mais prices low.

What are the results?
Mexican farmers are forced to sell their products at prices where they do not realize any benefit. This is not nearly enough to guarantee a good and safe life.
Over 70% of people in rural areas live in poverty.
And even though there are a lot of assaults on migrants, more than 600.000 Mexicans feel constrained to leave their home.

What can I do?
From August I will work for one year as a volunteer in the Project EDUPAZ in Comitán, Chiapas.
A microcredit program supports a local farmer collective of about 350 participants to practice a sustainable and productive agriculture.
The aim is to strengthen the farmer’s autonomy to permanently assure their basis of existence.
Several costs arise for my stay there like food, living costs, flight costs, insurance et cetera. My organization itself is not able to cover all the expenses.
Therefore my aim is to support the Welthaus Bielefeld e.V. with donations in the amount of 1.800€.

Through their work they campaign for social and political justice, equality in politics and economy as well as the reduction of worldwide racism.

If you consider my plan to be worth of supporting, I will be grateful for every donation.

Get in contact with me. I am happy about your interest and would love to answer your questions.
Thank you for your time and help.